Nurturing a healthy, happy way of life to prepare for the road ahead. Creating a foundation of good habits for life after Elidyr.

Health and wellbeing underpin everything we do! It’s essential to us that all learners and residents thrive in our community, and that we help to establish good habits that will stay with them long after they leave us. We use a highly personalised approach to promote responsible attitudes towards healthy lifestyles, tailoring requirements to match individual need.

Comprehensive behaviour support plans, individual risk assessments and care plans all document and provide individualised approaches for supporting well being.

Our onsite gym provides the opportunity to exercise regularly under the guidance of trained staff. Residents and learners also have the opportunity to join exercise classes such as yoga or zumba, play basketball and football onsite and activities offsite such as swimming in the local pool.

Everyone has the chance to get involved in sporting clubs and events and are encouraged to do what they enjoy and to manage their own free time. We also spend lots of time in individual houses creating healthy, balanced meals and mealtimes themselves provide further opportunity for developing social skills.

Girl playing uno in house.
Group playing football in gym.
Group eating together around a table.