Parents Association

Offering experience, support & care for families joining the Elidyr community.

The role of the Elidyr Communities Trust Parents Association (or ECTPA) is to support parents and guardians throughout their time at Elidyr Communities Trust. 

The ECTPA provide opportunities for families to meet and share experiences through information sharing discussions, workshops, presentations, and fundraising activities for the Charity.

The ECTPA is managed by a committee (the ECTPA Committee) that is independent from the Charity. It is made up of four members who are selected by parents and guardians at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the ECTPA, usually held in March. The terms of reference for this committee are set out in the Constitution of the ECTPA which has been approved by parents and guardians.  If you are a parent or guardian of a current resident or learner you can find the constitution in our parent portal.

Opportunities to Get Together 

All parents and guardians are welcome to attend events organised by the ECTPA Committee and the Charity throughout the year.

There are usually four opportunities to get together onsite during the year, two organised by the  ECTPA Committee (which are usually held in the autumn and the spring) and the Summer and Advent fairs which are organised by the Charity.

The focus of the two days organised by the ECTPA Committee is to share information and experiences. They are well attended and organised on an informal basis so everyone can benefit from getting together and participate in whatever way they feel comfortable. They are also an opportunity to hear from the Chief Executive of Elidyr Communities Trust and the Parent Trustee on the Board of Trustees of the Charity.

These days often include presentations, workshops and discussions on topics of interest and any material presented is available on the Parent Portal. We welcome suggestions for discussion topics.

The Summer and Advent fairs, which take place in June/July and November each year, are a fantastic opportunity to socialise and celebrate with the wider Elidyr Communities Trust team.

Fundraising Activities 

Over many years parents and guardians have worked hard to raise money through a combination of community activities, such as stalls at events, individual donations and grants secured from trusts and foundations.  

Raising money in this way has allowed the Parents Association to support the Charity and contribute to many on-site improvements and facilities. Examples range from a gym bike (£629), an IT suite (£9,500), a new gymnasium (£160,000) and most recently new craft workshops (£120,000).

Craft workshops - wooden clad building
The Craft Workshops at Elidyr Communties Trust

Learning From Each Other

The Parents Association is run by parents/guardians to support the families behind the young people, living and learning at Elidyr Communities Trust. Given the knowledge and experience parents and guardians have of doing the best they can for their son or daughter, we believe there is real value in peer support.

The ECTPA Committee is focused on organising meetings that address the needs of parents and guardians.

Any parent or guardian can get involved and participate during the two days organised by the ECTPA Committee and are given the opportunity to share feedback on they would like the ECTPA to explore in future meetings.

If you are a parent or guardian of a current resident or learner you can find meeting minutes, copies of presentations and other useful information in our Parent Portal.

Please do get in touch if you have any queries

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We've created a Parent Portal  to share information with parents and guardians in a secure space.

Family in house at Elidyr Communities Trust.
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The sense of community and friendship we felt after attending the Advent Fair was overwhelming.

Family in house at Elidyr Communities Trust.
Families sat outside on straw bales at Elidyr Communities Trust.
A BBQ, close up of sausages cooking.
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Our most recent activity raised over £100K to support the build of new craft workshops in the fantastic new Education Hub

Group playing football in gym.