Bubble & Fizz

An award-winning Inclusive Lives initiative making bath bombs & soaps.

Bubble & Fizz was founded by residents on the Inclusive Lives programme. It began as a creative sensory activity and grew when the entrepreneurial spirit of the young people was released! The team now do so much more than make and sell bath bombs and soaps - they also share what they’re doing with others through events and workshops.

Handmade Soaps & Bath Bombs

The team make bath bombs and soaps, in a variety of colours and fragrances - all the products are vegan friendly and none are tested on animals. If you would like to order any of our products please look at our shop page for more information.

A collage of soaps.
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Bubble & Fizz Logo
Girl making soaps
2 green dinosaur soaps.
Zombie soaps in green for Elidyr Communities Trust.

Soap & Bath Bomb Workshops

The Bubble & Fizz team have visited schools, care homes and other charities in the area to show others how to create some of their products. The skills of the team have developed significantly as the project has grown, the confidence and pride in their work has been fantastic.

Boys holding Bubble & Fizz posters

Awards & Accolades

The team have scooped numerous awards including:

  • Young Enterprise REGIONAL BEST BRAND 2017
  • Young Enterprise REGIONAL BEST STAND 2017
  • Young Enterprise NATIONAL BEST ADVERTISEMENT 2018 (Runners Up)
  • Young Enterprise NATIONAL BEST LOGO 2018
  • Young Enterprise REGIONAL Social and Environmental Impact Award 2018
  • Young Enterprise REGIONAL IT and Social Media Award 2018
  • Young Enterprise REGIONAL Best Team Award 2018
  • Young Enterprise NATIONAL BEST STAND 2018

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Thanks ever so much. Everyone really enjoyed!

Ysgol Bro Pedr (School in Lampeter) ALN Department
Skull, ghost, soaps.
Bubble & Fizz team at stand with soaps.
Little pink house sketch and doodles.

The incredible amount of encouragement, support and hard work put in by the tutor and members of staff last year enabled [our son] to have the confidence to participate fully in the very successful Bubble & Fizz Young Enterprise Scheme. As the most disabled member of the team it was amazing to see how the other students in the group encouraged and looked out for him, such was the standard of teamwork instilled in the group. We would never have thought that our son could take part in a presentation that involved him speaking in public.