Skills For Life

Nurturing established skills, building confidence and independence. Learners will usually join this programme after completing the Foundation Education Programme.

Skills for Life focuses on gradually reducing support and ensuring the skills acquired during the Foundation Education Programme are consolidated and expanded. Young people taking part in this programme are usually aged 20 - 25 years.

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Learning Outcomes

This provision focuses on post-college life and learning, outcomes typically centre on four key areas:

  • Work life: Self-reliance, voluntary work, enhancing vocational skills, enterprise and exploring vocational options.
  • Home Life: Living and working with others, identifying where one would like to transition to, household skills and ILS.
  • Being Healthy: Physical exercise, behaviour management, self-regulation and making healthy choices.
  • Making the most of one’s free time: Citizenship, social understanding, accessing the wider community, identifying likes/dislikes, and developing hobbies and interests.

Alongside these learning outcomes we continue to work on essential skills around digital literacy, numeracy and literacy. Learners also have the opportunity to continue with the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.


Skills for Life is a 2 or 3 year residential programme, delivered over 37 weeks with extended provision up to 52 weeks per annum. Fees are contingent upon individual need and are available on assessment.

Young people are typically funded by their local authority through social services and or health.

More funding information

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