Our facilities support the health and well-being of all who live here.

We are a community with a shop, small holding, gym, gardens, workshops, houses ... we even have our own B&B for visitors!

Little teal house and forest sketch


Our fantastic Parent’s Association tirelessly fundraised to build our purpose-built gymnasium. We use the main hall for many sports, such as basketball, handball and football as well as for social occasions like our Advent Fair. There is also an adjoining space with exercise equipment in, which many of our learners and residents love to use.

Print Workshop & Green Wood Workshop

Land-based and craft activities underpin much of what we do, we see young people gain confidence, skill and peace through working with the land and creating things with their hands. We make cards in our print workshop that young people sell in our shop and at local markets.

Situated amongst the trees, our green wood workshop has been teaching young people to work with wood for decades. We make bird boxes, garden planters and carved signs, we’ve even built our own bus shelter!

Small Holding & Gardens

We have a number of different animals that young people work with and take care of. We currently have sheep, donkeys, alpacas, rabbits and goats. Our extensive grounds also include greenhouses where we grow flowers for the garden planters we make and vegetables for our kitchens.


The action of weaving provides a space which is both soothing and excellent for developing co-ordination. Using the peg loom, for example, requires fine motor skills which can help to improve pen control. Over the years many learners and residents have developed a love for the loom and created some beautiful work.


Our well-stocked shop is a place people can learn to independently visit and purchase from. As well as building independence, the shop provides an important teaching environment – studying dates for stock rotation, handling money, pricing goods – helping build numeracy and literacy through everyday tasks.

Boy on an exercise bike.
Boy working in woods on woodwork.
Boy using a weaving loom.
Boy in shop
Blue star cloud and forest sketch.

The video shown at our son's annual review surprised us with the evidence of what he can achieve independently after a year at Elidyr Communities Trust. Family members have noted how he is more responsive, more mature and makes far more eye contact. He thrives in the outdoor environment and college routine. He has learned a range of new skills which he enjoys and which increase his confidence and self-esteem.


Beautiful Countryside

So much of what we do is making the most of our amazing outdoor environment. Young people, volunteers and staff all enjoy the forests, streams and fields that are on our doorstep. Lots of leisure time is spent horse-riding, canoeing, walking and interacting in the natural landscape that surrounds our provision in South Wales.

Learners and staff walking down a bank.