Education Hub

Brand new education facilities for learners.

The Education Hub is the place for learners at Coleg Elidyr to access learning, creativity, technology, cooking and relaxing, all under one roof. 

3 images of young people in the craft workshops. A girl weaving, a post gluing, a boy using a saw.
Lots of activities taking place.

Built During Covid-19

The Education Hub building project, continued at pace throughout the pandemic. The work was a £1.8M project, including the main Education Hub and a bank of purpose-built craft buildings. The building was funded by many different organisations and individuals.

3 images of the education hub, buildings clad in wood and white render.

An Accessible, Modern, Learning Environment

As well as providing a modern learning environment, the building has also been tailored to the unique needs of our learners. With input from an occupational health advisor, there is highly customised seating – adjustable chairs, ball chairs and bean bag chairs – as well as accessible touch screen laptops and tablets.

The kitchen has four work areas, with easy access to cupboards, sinks and hobs which helps to promote independence during sessions.

3 images in the education hub kitchens. A Boy and girl prepare food in a kitchen.
A cookery session in full swing.



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I really like the new education hub - my favourite room is the Atrium, it's big and I can see all my friends there.

A boy and a tutor work on a piece of woodwork in the education hub

The new hub is cool - my favourite room is the ICT suite, it's relaxing, working while sitting on the beanbags.