Soap, candles and mosaic at Elidyr Communties

Here in the Bubble & Fizz shop you can find all the fantastic handmade soaps, bath bombs and lip balms that our team have developed a reputation for, as well as much more. We have now added products from other Inclusive Lives enterprise projects, including mosaics, cards, candles and jewellery.  

Bubble & Fizz

The Bubble and Fizz soap and bath bomb project was created by Inclusive Lives residents in 2017 and started as part of the Young Enterprise Programme. Success soon followed and the team won 13 awards, including 'Team Company of the Year 2018’.

Soaps, Bath Bombs & Lip Balms Handmade in South Wales

Everything is created by our Inclusive Lives residents who enjoy the tactile and creative process of making soaps, bath bombs and lip balms. Our entire range of smellies are free from animal-testing and vegan friendly. We carefully source ingredients from suppliers to make sure that they meet our own high standards. We currently work with six soap recipes, six bath bomb recipes and nine lip balm recipes. Our soaps are available in many different design moulds, including flowers, dinosaur soaps, unicorn soaps and sheep soaps!

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Candle Making

Wonderful wax creations made by residents, these include beeswax candles in lots of intricate designs.

Candle text on image with a candle.



Doodle of a house and forest with a phone number underneath.
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Bubble & Fizz made all the favours for our wedding! They were gorgeous and smelt amazing. The guests loved them, and I have had some relaxing baths using them - heaven! Can’t recommend them enough.

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The mosaic I ordered for my husband's birthday is amazing. The workmanship and skill is admired by everyone who visits. Thank you


Select a soap fragrance, choose a ‘clear’ or ‘opaque’ option and wait for your soapy surprise to arrive!

Green soap shaped like a tulip.
Flower soaps in many designs
Two frog soaps in blues and oranges.
Tree Frog Soaps
Elephant soap
Delightful Baby Elephant Soaps
Unicorn soaps
Fab Magical Soaps
Dinosaur Soaps
Fragrant Roarsome Soaps
A selection of sheep soaps by Elidyr Communities Trust
You'd be baaarmy not to try these
Collage showing 10 soaps
Try 10 different soaps.
Six bubble & fizz soaps
One of Each Soap Recipe
Green flower soap.
Fizzy Fresh Linen
Flower green soap.
Fizzy Fresh Linen
Circle green flower soap with glitter.
Green Apple, Nectarine, Honey Blossom
Opaque flower soap.
Orange, Tangerine, Berries

Lip Balms

Nine soothing, smoothing organic lip balms – some fruity, some fresh, all moisturising.

9 organic lip balms close up.
One of Every Flavour!
Close up of Prosecco pink lip balm.
Polished Prosecco Lips
Close up of mandarin lip balm.
Moisturising Mandarin Balm
Close up of organic vanilla lip balm.
Luscious Vanilla Lips
Close up of organic berry lip balm.
Gentle Berry Balm
Close up of organic coconut lip balm.
Calming Coconut Balm
Close up of organic peppermint lib balm.
Fresh Softening Peppermint
Close up of a cherry lip balm.
Soft Cherry Lips
Close up of a honey lip balm.
Waxy Smoothing Honey
Close up of organic strawberry lip balm.
Sweet Soothing Strawberry

Bath Bombs

Drop your bomb in the bath and let it fizz away, leaving you with a relaxing, fragrant soak.

Collage of 6 bath bombs close up.
One of each of all our bath bombs.
Collage of 10 bath bombs
A super treat - 10 bath bombs.
Pink bath bomb.
Fizzy Raspberry
Pale ginger bath bomb.
Ginger & Tangerine
Close up of purple and blue bath bomb.
Fizzy & Fresh Berries
Pink & yellow bath bomb.
Fresh Linen, Orange & Tangerine
Yellow bath bomb.
Lemongrass, Lime & Honey Blossom
Multi coloured bath bomb.
Green Apple & Raspberry


Light up your life with our hand crafted candles made from beeswax & soya wax.

Box with wax making kit in
Make your own beeswax wrap.
Geometric candle from Elidyr Communities Trust
Lighting up the night -throwing some cool shapes
Cactus candle from Elidyr Communities Trust
No prickles on this plant
Beehive candle form Elidyr Communities Trust
Buzz over and buy this!
Gold lotus candle from Elidyr Communities Trust
A delicate flower formed in wax
Ball of yarn candle from Elidyr Communities Trust
Knot a bad looking candle.
Gold owl candle from Elidyr Communities Trust
Twit twhoo wouldn't adore this candle.


We can create bespoke hampers, bundles or gifts for a variety of occasions. Contact us if you have a specific requirement.

Hampers, soaps and bath bombs in a collage.
Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Wedding Favours, Baby Showers ... smellies are the perfect present for so many occasions.