Mosaic Making

Beautiful mosaics crafted by Inclusive Lives Residents.

A new workshop for residents at Inclusive Lives.

Following simple designs to more intricate portraits, we employ all levels of ability.

This workshop provides opportunities for continuous learning and further development of work skills. These include taking responsibility and problem solving as well as working together and helping others. Standards are high, and residents are supported to produce quality items for sale to the public.

A collage of mosaics with Amy Winehouse, Nelson Mandela, Bob Marley and an owl.
Richard making a mosaic

Giving Something Back

Each piece sold includes a donation to a chosen charity, which we vote for every 6 months.

Boy making a mosaic.
Girls making a mosaic
A mosaic of Audrey Hepburn from Elidyr Communities Trust
A collage of mosaics including girl with heart balloon, Charlie Chaplin, Coasters, Jimi Hendrix and a rainbow circle.

Buy Our Products

We generally like to work with commissions. Each piece is individual and unique.

Donating Tiles

If you have any tiles that you would like to donate please contact

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This work is outstanding. The detail, quality and workmanship is really something to be proud of.

Pop star mosaic portraits hanging on a wall.
Captain Sir Tom Moore Tribute mosaic
Bob Marley mosaic on a wall.
A row of mosaics propped on a shelf.
Rainbow Girl Mosaic
Super Mario mosaic by Elidyr Communities Trust
Debbie Harry mosaic Elidyr Communities Trust
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Absolutely fantastic. Amazing mosaics. What a fantastic enterprise and confidence boost for our young people. Thank you

Creating mosaics is a great group activity. Residents and staff have all learnt together – using individual strengths and ideas to make high-quality, modern mosaics. It's been a real team effort and we're looking forward to seeing what we can achieve next!