Friends & Family of Victoria House

Supporting the residents to live like a family

Family and Friends of Victoria House, (FFVH) was formed in 2012 by the parents of the residents at that time. We are a small group much like the Elidyr Communities Trust Parents Association, that supports the extended family environment which has been the basis of Victoria House in the heart of the Llangadog community for 40 years.

We have a Constitution which states our purpose:

  • To help and support the individuals who wish to live in the community at Victoria House, Llangadog.
  • To help and assist the Elidyr Communities Trust to preserve the extended family living ethos of Victoria House.
  • To be a forum for discussion and awareness of parent/guardian issues.

We hold meetings quarterly, conducted face-to-face in Llangadog or virtually via Zoom.

Our membership has widened to include friends in the local community and further afield and is maintained by an annual subscription which we use to help the team at Victoria House with small projects and extra provision for special occasions. In 2022 we organised a wonderful summer BBQ to bring everyone together for a post-pandemic celebration! 

If you would like to join our group and help to support Victoria House please contact us at