Inclusive Lives - Towards Independence

Moving young adults with complex learning needs towards independence.

Inclusive Lives is a package of residential care, work-related activities and therapeutic support preparing young adults with additional learning needs to transition into the next stage of their lives. This provision runs for up to 52 weeks per year for a minimum of 2 years and is usually funded by social services.

Opportunities for Independence

Young people engaged in our Inclusive Lives provision develop their skills for life and work in the familiar and trusted specialist environment shared with Coleg Elidyr.

Specific goals are created based on identified individual needs and aspirations.

Work experience opportunities are conducted with a wide range of organisations and businesses, and are tailored to individuals’ interests. We work hard to get to know people, understand their individual likes and needs and find the right kind of opportunities for them.

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This is a life changing and life-enhancing place for our young people.


High Quality Care Provider

Both families and funders can be reassured that we are a very experienced care provider, well-used to supporting young people with complex additional learning needs. Our staff know exactly how to scaffold support – they’re encouraging, kind and nurturing without being condescending.

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People receive care and support from a service which is committed to setting high standards and working on continued improvement through different levels of quality assurance.

Care Inspectorate Wales

Key Team Members

Huw Sparkes
Head of Care & Safeguarding

Christine Koeller
Head of Inclusive Lives

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