Martin - Assistant HM

From support worker to assistant house manager.

I'm the assistant manager in Ty Rhieni which is one of the residential houses at Elidyr Communities  Trust.

A typical day as an assistant house manager at Elidyr Communities Trust

My shift normally starts at 7am. My day begins supporting residents to get up – I help them with washing, dressing and taking medication. Then together we make and eat breakfast.  Once breakfast is over, I walk with the residents to their education or work area programmes, so they can get on with their day.

Once the residents have all gone to their day placements, I start my planning for the day, making sure the staff know what jobs need to be done that morning, before my attention turns to daily paperwork.

At 12pm the residents return to the house for lunch, we all sit down as a big family together, this is a good time to talk to the residents and find out how they are as a group. After lunch together we wash and dry up, then maybe organise laundry. In the afternoon, when the residents return to their education/work programmes, I then plan the evening activity and continue with my daily paperwork responsibilities.

The best thing about working at Elidyr Communities Trust

It is so rewarding when you see residents do something new for the first time, it makes you feel so proud. I feel pride because I have been part of helping them achieve something new. I come to work everyday looking forward to seeing the guys in the house. To me this doesn't feel like work, it's like a second family.

Tips for anyone thinking of working at Elidyr Communities Trust

If you are thinking about joining us but are concerned that you would feel out of place or it's not your thing, that’s normal. If you’ve never been in contact with people with learning disabilities  you’re not alone if you feel uncertain. I'm a ex-soldier and retail bakery manager before making the move here. It was all new to me and I’ve never looked back. 6 years ago I started as a support worker, and now I'm an assistant manager.  The training here is excellent and the people are so helpful and understanding.

If you'd consider a career in care, have a look at our vacancies page.

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To me this doesn't feel like work, it's like a second family