Careers in Care

The benefits of a post-pandemic career change.

If you’re a friendly, pragmatic, hard working job seeker we may have a new opportunity for you.

We need a big team of support workers to take care of the complex needs of the people we work with. Being in such a rural location there is a limited workforce available to us and we see a huge opportunity right now to try to reach people who are considering a career change as a result of the current pandemic.

“We know there will be people in our community who have spent their life working in other sectors, that may now be looking for a change of direction. We want to reach out to these individuals and ask them to consider the benefits of working with people with additional learning needs.”

Dai Sibbons, CEO & Principal

A career in care can bring incredible job satisfaction, fun and a strong sense of purpose. It is hard work but never dull!

Tim’s Story

Working so closely with somebody with a disability was new to Tim when he arrived with us. He knew people with disabilities but had not spent any significant time with anyone before. He quickly found something really appealing about life at Elidyr Communities Trust.

Tim felt a strong sense of job satisfaction. Because the residents and learners have such complex needs, and it’s a small group, he was quickly able to see the difference his contribution made to the lives of the individuals he was working with.

“Within a couple of weeks of starting I’d really bonded with the individuals I was working with. The investment in each young person is so intense – you spend so much time together. But because I liked them as people it never felt like work. I enjoyed every day.”

A collage of learners and residents at Elidyr Communities Trust.

Tim moved up through several roles over many years and forged new career with us. This is something reflected in the experience of many of our long-standing members of staff – a role which they assumed would be a career stop-gap or a temporary position, in fact becomes a new way of life. A whole new career with unexpected twists and turns – shaped largely by the extraordinary people we work with.

Could You be a Support Worker?

Many people who are new to the sector are astounded by the impact our learners and residents have on their lives.

If you feel ready to do something new … something different, get in touch and we’ll talk you through the roles we have available.

Current Vacancies 

I absolutely loved my time working at this wonderful place … lovely people and very fond memories.