Chemistry is Fun!

Young scientists grow crystals.

In their Chemistry session this morning our learners were introduced to how crystals form. They watched a video showing different rocks, minerals and crystals and they then discussed all the different types, from quartz and emeralds to sugar and salt.

Next up was getting ready to carry out their experiments which meant wearing the correct PPE. White lab coats, glasses and protective gloves completed the ensemble, and now, looking like real scientists, they were good to go!

Growing crystals-collage

They conducted two experiments to try and create their own crystals. One using sugar from their store cupboard, and one using a STEM crystal growing kit.

They chose their colours carefully - Tommy choose clear to create a quartz like crystal, Aneurin choose green for an emerald and Matthew is hoping his purple choice will grow an Amethyst. They then completed topic related worksheets and Tommy remembered how the process of crystal forming is called crystallization. They are all very excited to monitor how their crystals grow over the next week and to record their results.