The Eisteddfod

A truly inclusive experience for all who attended.

The vibrant atmosphere of an Eisteddfod is an exceptional platform that brings together people from diverse backgrounds to celebrate music, culture, and art. While it offers an incredible experience for all attendees, it is particularly good for young people with learning disabilities. 

Inclusive Environment

Eisteddfods strive to create an inclusive and welcoming environment, making it an ideal space for young people with learning disabilities to feel comfortable and accepted. This inclusivity allowed our learners and residents the opportunity to get stuck in, without feeling judged or excluded, fostering a sense of belonging and boosting confidence.

A collage of 9 Eisteddfod images. People in police hats, on police bike, making crafts, hugging mascots. Having fun.
A collage of Eisteddfod imagery. Learners doing craft, dressed as Mr Urdd, wearing police hats, meeting mascots, eating ice-creams, trying a bike ... enjoying the sun.

Variety of Stalls and Activities

One of the best things about the Eisteddfod was the multitude of stalls and activities available to explore. From arts and crafts to police demonstrations, there was lots to see. For young people with additional learning needs, this variety provides a chance to discover and engage with different forms of expression, promoting creativity and imagination. 

Exploring Welsh Culture, Arts & Language

Eisteddfods celebrate Welsh culture and the arts, providing an opportunity to experience a wide range of artistic performances and displays. The diverse array of music, dance, and poetry on show was inspirational! Being exposed to the Welsh language was also interesting experience for many of our learners.

Social Interaction and Communication

It was a truly sociable experience, with loads of chances to practice communication and interpersonal skills. Most people enjoyed the sunshine and were happy chatting to stall holders, mascots and ice cream vendors. 

The Eisteddfod is a unique event and it offered a truly memorable experience for everyone that attended.