National Pizza Day

Italian knowledge put to the test!

Last week in the world cooking group we were cooking food from Italy. This was in celebration of National Pizza Day on the 9th of February.

Everybody started the lesson testing their knowledge of Italy using Kahoot!

We covered questions such as:

What is the capital of Italy?
How do Italians say hello?
Where does the Pope live?

All the learners demonstrated amazing knowledge with some getting 10/10 !

We then made our own pizzas choosing what toppings we wanted and even made our own dough. This was a competitive task with all of the pizzas being laid out for our guest judge Jana to come and taste them. She agreed that they were all delicious with her favourite being made by James.

3 images. 2 young men making dough. A young woman shows off a pizza. A young man holds up a pizza, a lady is stood next to him with a mask on.
Tommy & Ethan make dough. Ellie presents her pizza. James wins Jana's vote!

Well done everybody!