Sensational Senses

Learning about our five senses in science.

Millie, Zac, James, and Ethan, had fun in Science last Friday testing out their five senses. They learnt that we can "see, touch, smell, feel and listen" to make sense of the world around us.

They watched a video, completed worksheets, and then the fun part began. They blindfolded themselves and used their senses to identify different sounds like birds singing and the sound of the ocean.

Learners trying out their senses in science lesson

They also did touch, smell and taste tests where they had to guess what different things were. They correctly identified all of the items and agreed that bananas smell good, as does washing powder.

Of course, they thought chocolate tasted amazing, but they did not like the taste of vinegar! It was a fun session that got them all thinking how important our five senses are and how they all work together.

Well done everyone, it sounds like you all had a lot of fun!