Taking Care of The Animals

Health check time for our small animals.

Working with the animals on the smallholding is an opportunity for learners to practice lots of skills including numeracy and literacy.

Collage of small animals and learners on the small holding at Elidyr Communities Trust.

Learners carry out their animal care duties by ensuring all the small animals are fed daily and are being cleaned out regularly. They have also been doing health checks on the rabbits and guineapigs; such as checking their eyes, mouth, nails, teeth and for any bumps or cuts and logging this on their record sheets.

Then, the learners are supported to clip their nails and weigh them every week to ensure they maintain a healthy weight.

The smallholding is a very popular area of our site, many learners really enjoy caring for the animals. If you'd like to arrange for a visit please do get in touch.

I just love working with the rabbits, especially Lottie and Coco they’re my favourite. I would also love to be a vet one day!

Laurina Marr, 1st Year Learner