Working Through The Night

Keeping young people safe while they sleep.

Our learners and residents have unique needs, and to care for them at the highest possible standard means that we always have some staff who stay awake through the night in our houses.

To be a wakeful nights carer doesn’t need a CV full of academic qualifications, but it does require certain attributes. You need to be friendly and reassuring – confident to deal with any tricky situations that may be thrown at you during your shift. You also need to be comfortable lone working, although there will be other members of staff sleeping within the home who can be called  upon for support if needed.

“The obvious requirement is that you’ve got to be able to stay awake in case someone needs help. Alongside this there will be jobs to do around the house such as cleaning, laundry or baking, much like in any home!”

House Manager

Working through the night is a necessity for some people and this role is perfect for someone that has daytime commitments that mean working unusual hours suits their lifestyle.

Many people who are new to the sector are astounded by the impact our learners and residents have on their lives.


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