Wreaths, Sprouts & Swede ... It's Christmas!

As one season ends, another begins!

Unfortunately, the growing season has pretty much ended ... but luckily the Christmas season is here! The learners are now concentrating on making Christmas wreaths.

We are taking a limited number of orders, so please get in touch if you’d like to order a wreath.

A collage of learners. 5 images holding a wreath, making wreaths, watering plants. 2 images of wreaths.

It's been a great growing year and the land team would like to thank all who have purchased Rhandirmwyn’s finest produce over recent months. The learners have gained so much from growing the produce from seed, watching the plants grow, harvesting and then taking the produce up to the honesty table. They've also developed their money skills by counting how much has been in the money box each day.

We hope you have enjoyed eating our locally grown produce. By 'shopping local' it also reduces our carbon footprint. The cucumbers we have grown this year were prize-winning, having had first and second at Rhandirmwyn Show.

We do still have some swede to harvest when they are big enough, and hopefully some brussel sprouts ready for your Christmas dinners!

We'll let you know when they're ready.