Attending the NATSPEC Student Parliament

Learners attend Natspec student voice parliament meeting.

On Thursday, 24.11.22, Ellie and Ethan went on a long journey to Stourbridge to visit Glasshouse college.

Glasshouse College were the host to the Natspec Student Voice Parliament which Ellie and Ethan attended together with over 200 other students, both  in-person and via Zoom.

The students discussed issues related to them, including work they do in the community, work that needs to be done to raise awareness and what needs to change to better support learners.

Ellie and Ethan also met Sam, a student from National Star.

Ellie and Ethan meet Sam

Sam has started a campaign to change the look of the blue badges to show that there are not just for people in wheelchairs but for everyone with a disability.

You can watch Sam's story here:

Ellie and Ethan have decided they would like to support Sam and will be holding a competition among the learners at Coleg Elidyr to design a new blue badge.