Fabulous garden sculpture

Amazing garden sculpture arrives at Elidyr Communities Trust

A colourful garden sculpture created by the mother of one of our residents has recently arrived and been installed in the garden of Ty Iori. ‘Babe in Arms’ stands at almost 8 feet tall, it is certainly a statement piece!

Babe in Arms Sculpture
Babe in Arms Sculpture

Claudia, the sculpture’s creator, retired 11 years ago and was living in Italy, when she did some training with the Head of Fine Arts in Rome, creating portraits. When she returned to England she started making very large garden sculptures.

I wanted to try and express in a physical form the overwhelming sense of love and protection I have for my children. I am not sure that words can fully explain this emotion, it is a very individual thing. For me it is all consuming and very beautiful. Hence the intimate pose and the vibrant colours. I hope you enjoy it.


Thank you Claudia for donating this fabulous sculpture to us – a permanent reminder of family for young people who might sometimes feel a long way from home.