Newly Qualified Workplace Mentors

Six team members ready to coach others!

We offer lots of training and professional development opportunities for our team.

We're pleased to announce that six members of staff have now achieved a coach mentoring practitioner qualification. This was delivered by The Learning Consultancy and accredited by EMCC Global. Over the past 6 months, Jane Lewes took the team through an in-depth training programme. The final assessment was carried out by experienced assessors from across Europe.

Jana, Gareth, Tina, Kim, Chris and Maria have now been trained to offer mentoring to colleagues across the organisation. Mentoring programmes are shown to be an effective way of improving well-being and can offer pragmatic, informal support. It's a great way to connect established members of staff with those people who have less experience. 

Workplace mentors can help colleagues to grow their skills, build confidence and make better decisions. 

These team members have a great deal of experience that will be invaluable to both the organisation and our ever-growing team. Well done everyone, we're proud of all you've achieved.