A Session on Building Employability Skills

Working with an employment advisor

We were pleased to welcome Rhiannon, who is an employment advisor, to run an introduction session on careers, with a group of learners. 

Rhiannon is from an organisation called Legacy in the Community – they work to break down barriers in our communities. Their Working on Wellbeing (WoW) project offers support and training around employability for people with disabilities and long-term health conditions. 

Rhiannon got our group to reflect on, and share their own unique qualities, before getting into the mindset of different job roles. Our learners imagined working in hospitality, science and the fire service – lots of positive discussion and also a few costume changes!

Qualities included being honest, brave, loyal, kindhearted and helpful. 

2 images. A boys writes on a whiteboard. A boy is dressed in a white coats as a scientist
Tommy identifies a quality unique to him: "calling out the train stations ..." Gruff gets into role as a scientist.

This session was really interactive and engaging for learners. We’re looking forward to having Rhiannon back again next year, when she will continue to work with us focusing on CVs, communication and interview skills. This is all to help prepare for work experience and volunteering in the community.