Smallholding Update

Kunekune pigs arrival adds to our smallholding

On Monday the latest additions to our smallholding arrived in the shape of 2 Kunekune pigs. 

Kunekune pigs and learners

The Kunekune pig comes from New Zealand. How they got there is a mystery as they are not indigenous to that country. They were kept by the Maoris for meat, living not in enclosures, but free to scavenge around the houses. This probably explains their love of humans and excellent temperament. 

Kunekune pigs (pronounced “cooney cooney”) are a smart option for small farms. Kunekune means “fat and round” in the Maori language. While no one knows for sure, they are thought to be a cross of Berkshire, Poland China and possibly Gloucester Old Spots.

The 2 (as yet un-named) pigs have settled in very well to their new home and the learners are delighted to have them to look after.