A visit by Joyce Watson MS.

A Member of the Senedd visits Elidyr Communities Trust.

We recently had a visit by Joyce Watson MS. The visit was organised by Leonard Cheshire as part of their 'My voice, my Choice program'. The programme is designed to develop campaigning and advocacy skills so that learners will be able to make a difference in their local community.

collage of images from the visit of Joyce Watson MS.

Last academic year, we started this off with a 'Health and Wellbeing workshop' delivered by Leonard Cheshire. The Student Forum then worked on identifying what they would like to change within their local community and came up with a set of questions for Joyce Watson MS. The learners did very well reading out their questions which included things like having the right to choose where they live, and with who, after they leave Elidyr Communities Trust.

We would like to thank Joyce Watson MS for taking the time to visit us.